Lights, Camera, Action

We showcased shade taking and clinical photography recently. A team of us were invited to speak at a study club attended by around 20 local dentists and we had a really excellent evening. It is always good to actually do a hands on demonstration as we can really show what we can do rather than just talk about it. Shade taking and clinical photography is a service that we offer all of our partners. Key members of our team have attended specialist courses that perfect the art of getting that shade and capturing it for re creation in the lab.

We look at all contributing factors when taking a shade, not just getting the colour right but looking at shape and form to ensure the best possible aesthetic result is achieved.

Dentists can refer their patients to us direct in the certainty that we will look after them in the right manner and guide them seamlessly through the shade matching consultation. Feel free to contact us for details of this service.

We are hoping to do a number of different show cases in the future both at client practices and at our own lab. If you have a specific area of interest why don’t you get in touch and we can set something up for you.