Showing Off

What a difference a nice space makes…….Having settled into our new bespoke lab we have held a couple of marketing events to show off the new space and as a result have started new partnerships with a number of high end dental practices. The modern, high tech feel of the lab combined with our superb staff and the quality of our work has really paid off.

Have a look at our gallery on the website to see what a fantastic facility we have and maybe take the opportunity to have look at some of our work.

If you use us already you might see something on there you didn’t realise we do or indeed, if you are a practice looking for a new lab then these work examples really showcase our abilities.

We are always happy for existing pr prospective clients to come and meet with us. We will give you the guided tour, make you an excellent coffee and discuss in depth how we can partner with you to ensure you get the best possible service from us.